Welcome to the completely unofficial site of Cinema 1544, the (also completely unofficial) Center For Neuroscience biweekly movie night!  To join the Cinema 1544 mailing list, send an email to jsjohnson at ucdavis dot edu.

The main reason for this page existing in the first place is to help keep track of what has been shown.  The great thing is that we’ve shown so many films that I needed to make a second page because the first page (films 1-250) was getting unwieldy. (The movie synopses are merely coming along for the ride.)

Warning: Movie write-ups are extremely spoilerific, pretty much every time.  If you haven’t seen the film and don’t want it spoiled, don’t read the write-up!


Date Feature Presentation Presenter Short
6/18/15 Safety Not Guaranteed Caitlin Kiley Time Trap
7/2/15 Synecdoche, New York Lindsay Cameron Le Royaume
7/16/15 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Lindsay Cameron What Creative Designers Do In Their Spare Time
7/30/15 Easy Rider Tyler Manning “Wires” by Red Fang
8/13/15 Nueve Reinas (“Nine Queens”) Tyler Manning Window Washer/”Shia LaBeouf” by Rob Cantor
8/27/15 Interstellar Jacob Herford None
9/10/15 Monty Python and the Holy Grail Jacob Herford None
9/24/15 Rat Race Brittany Rapone Slap-Ass, Slap-Ass: In Recovery
10/8/15 Wall Street Kevin O’Connor Money Talks (Jeff)
10/21/15 Back To The Future II Julie Luu (Note: Weds.) Design For Dreaming (Jeff)
10/29/15 Rosemary’s Baby Halloween Special II (Kevin O’Connor) Baby (Jeff)
11/5/15 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Kevin O’Connor An Immortal Man (Jeff)
11/19/15 Blow-Up Josh Downer None
12/3/15 Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Jeffrey Johnson None
12/12/15 Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi Winter Marathon 8: Star Wars, the original trilogy None
1/7/16 Persepolis Jalina Graham None
1/21/16 L’illusionniste Jalina Graham The Selling Wizard (Jeff)
2/4/16 Still Alice Anahita Hamidi None
2/18/16 Straight Outta Compton Anahita Hamidi None
3/3/16 True Grit (2010) Jacob Herford None
3/16/16 Super Troopers Jacob Herford KITH Cops Compilation (Jeff)
3/31/16 The Martian Bamboo Li None
4/14/16 Memento – Film #275 Bamboo Li None
4/28/16 The Shrine Conor Weatherford Over (Jeff)
5/12/16 Mad Max: Fury Road Henry Alitto Duck Amuck
5/26/16 The Grey Zone Henry Alitto Rabbit of Seville
6/4/16 Deadpool/The Revenant Grill 1544 Viewers’ Choice None
6/16/16 Tropic Thunder Conor Weatherford None
7/7/16 Lost In Translation Jeffrey Johnson Hungarian Phrasebook
7/21/16 Winter’s Bone Jeffrey Johnson Circus On Ice
8/4/16 KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park Jeff Padberg (remote) None
8/16/16 (Tues.) Blow Jacob Herford None
9/1/16 (8 PM?) Django Unchained Jacob Herford None
9/15/16 Waking Life Tyler Manning Italian Spiderman (trailer)
9/29/16 Twelve Monkeys Tyler Manning La Jetée (redux)
10/13/16 Human Nature Troy Crowder – Second Decade!! Wisdom Teeth
10/29/16 Mary and Max Phong Nguyen – Second Decade Vol. 2 None
10/29/16 It Follows Kevin O’Connor – Halloween Special None
11/17/16 All the President’s Men Kevin O’Connor A Case of Spring Fever (Jeff)
12/1/16 Hot Fuzz Jenny Mohn None
12/10/16 La Strada / “8 1/2” / Amarcord Winter Marathon 9: Federico Fellini None
1/12/17 Fargo Jenny Mohn Snow Thrills (Jeff)
1/26/17 Swiss Army Man Jalina Graham The Life of Death
2/8/17 (Weds) Kingsman: The Secret Service Jalina Graham None
3/9/17 Holy Motors – Film #300 Josh Downer None
3/22/17 (Weds) The Wrestler Josh Downer None
4/6/17 Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams Brendan Cohn-Sheehy None
4/20/17 Spaceballs Jeffrey Johnson Robot Chicken Star Wars, Episode II
5/4/17 Babette’s Feast Kevin O’Connor None
5/18/17 In the Mood for Love Brendan Cohn-Sheehy Mulvaney Conference Call From Hell
6/1/17 The Fisher King Jeffrey Johnson Judge Morty: State of Georgia Vs. Rick Allen
6/15/17 The Ballad of Narayama Kevin O’Connor None
7/6/17 The Taking of Pelham One Two Three Tyler Manning Time For Sushi
7/20/17 What We Do in the Shadows Tyler Manning Foux Du Fa Fa
8/3/17 The Big Year Najwa Marrush None
8/17/17 Dirty Dancing Najwa Marrush A Patrick Swayze Christmas (Jeff)
9/9/17 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid / Arrival Grill 1544 Viewers’ Choice None
9/21/17 Blue Ruin Conor Weatherford None
10/5/17 La Belle et la Bête (“Beauty and the Beast”) Jeffrey Johnson None
10/19/17 Moonlight Millie Copara None
11/2/17 Les Diaboliques (“Diabolique”) Kevin O’Connor – Halloween Special None
11/16/17 Macario Jon Wong None
11/30/17 Taxi Driver Jon Wong None
12/16/17 The Grapes of Wrath / The Quiet Man / The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Winter Marathon 10: John Ford None
1/11/18 Song of the Sea Jalina Graham Beauty and the Beast Pencil Test
1/25/18 A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night Angela Nazarian Some clips from Persepolis
2/6/18 (Tuesday!) VertigoFilm #325 Brendan Cohn-Sheehy None
2/22/18 High Anxiety Brendan Cohn-Sheehy Garden Party (Jeff)
3/8/18 Bullitt Kevin O’Connor None
3/22/18 Klute Kevin O’Connor None
4/5/18 The Silence of the Lambs Jeffrey Johnson Flying Sheep (Monty Python)
4/19/18 Silence Jeffrey Johnson None
5/3/18 Vanilla Sky Katelynn Ondek None
5/10/18 Er ist wieder da (“Look Who’s Back”) Katelynn Ondek Hitler Goes To Vet School (Downfall parody)
5/24/18 Anon Katy Pannoni A Social Life
6/14/18 Once Brothers Jeffrey Johnson Miss Sarajevo
6/28/18 Wind River Conor Weatherford None
7/19/18 The Gods Must Be Crazy Conor Weatherford TBA
8/2/18 Black Panther Najwa Marrush TBA
8/16/18 Infinity War Najwa Marrush TBA

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